The Learn to Skate program at Troy Albany Hockey Association is the very first step in a player’s development.  This program is for children (ages 3-8) who have never skated before, or who have limited skating experience.

The program is run by Dave Randall, with over 35 years of experience teaching children to skate http://myhockeyskills.com/default.asp.  The focus of the program will be on basic skating skills and is designed to be a fun program to build children’s confidence on the ice and provide them the fundamentals to transition into the Learn to Play hockey program.  

Cost: LTS 1- Fridays (16 sessions- $160.00)   LTS 2- Sundays (10 sessions- $100.00)

Necessary equipment needed for this program:  hockey skates, helmet with a face shield (no bike helmets), winter gloves or hockey gloves to cover hands.  

Additional equipment you may want to use: hockey pants or snow pants, hockey shin pads, elbow pads. 

All players must register with USA Hockey in order to register for Learn to Skate with TAHA.  Please go to www.usahockey.com to register for the 2015-2016 season and obtain a confirmation number.  *Note, USA Hockey does not charge the registration fee to players under the age of 6. 

To register your child for the Learn to Skate program with TAHA, please go to

Parents are welcome and encouraged to help out on the ice with this program.  In order to assist on the ice, parents must follow these steps:

  1. Register with USA Hockey as a coach (www.usahockey.com) and obtain a confirmation number
  2. Register with TAHA through Sports Sign Up as an assistant coach
  3. Obtain a Safe Sport Certification through USA Hockey online http://www.usahockey.com/page/show/909009-safesport-program-training-
  4. Complete a Backgroun Screen through NYSAHA at  http://www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com/VSSNYSAH

*Note, USA Hockey requires that everyone on the ice wear a helmet, coaches do not need a face shield on their helmet.  

If you have any questions regarding the Learn to Skate program or registration, email Sue Goldfarb (registrar) at registrar@troyalbanyyouthhockey.com.

At this time we can confirm that Days and Locations will remain the same and are awaiting confirmation of times, which may vary slightly from last year.

Dates for LTS 1- Fridays at Frear Park

  • Fridays 5:30-6:40 starting 10/23

Dates for LTS 2- Sundays at Albany County Hockey Facility

  • Sundays 8am-9:15 starting 10/25